Starfish (0-16 months)

Under 1's ratio: 1:3

Our bright spacious rooms are perfectly tailored to suit your baby right up to their first taste of being a toddler.

The Starfish Unit has two play rooms, a separate sleep room, changing area, kitchen area and mealtime/reception area. We provide a homely routine lead by you the parents as well as qualified staff who enable your child to feel safe, secure and content. Here they can lie, crawl and take their first steps in comfort.

A selection of our staff has taken part in The Baby Interest Group Project and incorporates this in their daily practise and how the room is designed. One of our play rooms has black, white and red area of textures and patterns as these high contrast colours captivate young babies’ attention. This encourages visual development and physical activity like waving and wiggling.

We understand the importance of babies and young children learning through play and at their own pace. Staff adopt a playful, caring attitude and we are the best play resource a baby can have.

For more information about Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery, click here to view our Parents Handbook/Prices.

Jellyfish (16-26 months)

Ratio 1:3 until two years of age 1:4

When your child is ready and a confident walker then they are ready for the next step. They are then introduced to the Jellyfish Unit, where they have access to large spaces and amenities suited to their height. Here they can hone their socialising skills, learn about themselves and explore the world around them.

The unit consists off a large play room which leads on to a separate sleep/sensory area, a kitchen area, a creative area where they can discover water play, sand play and all sorts of imaginative play. This room is also used for meals and snacks.

The Jellyfish Unit has a nappy changing area and an adjoining bathroom with low sinks and toilets as well as potties to suit your child’s stage of development. Staff are on hand for any toilet training advice and will continue your toilet routine from home.

This unit is on our first floor of the main building where the children can enjoy looking at the sea and watching the trains from the windows.
Carefully planned activities provide a stimulating environment which involves group work, stories, singing, art and their first taste of role play.
For more information about Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery, click here to view our Parents Handbook/Prices.

Dolphins 1 (20-36 months)

Ratio 1:4 two year olds

We have two Dolphin units which work closely together. The Dolphins 1 Unit is for children aged approximately 2 – 3 years. This unit is based on the ground floor and has direct access to the garden area where activities are provided inside and out. This room has a room for creative and sensory exploration which is also where the children have their meals. This leads on to a separate play area where circle time and group work takes place.

We have a small bathroom which is at a low level to suit their height, potties and a changing area. Staff are very experienced in toilet training and will work closely with you to ensure the best start into personal hygiene.

Staff provide activities to challenge their thinking and ideas, including sorting natural objects, construction and in-depth role play activities. Activities are planned for both indoors and out. Our Dolphins 1 children are introduced to simple phonics starting with their name and their letter sounds.

For more information about Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery, click here to view our Parents Handbook/Prices.

Dolphins 2 (36-60 months)

Ratio 1:8 3 - 5 years

Our Dolphins 2 Unit is a separate building with a cloakroom, a large bathroom, a very large playroom, sensory room, and an art room which leads onto our playground area.

The children benefit from our free flow routine where the children can make independent decisions on which areas they would like to play in.

The Dolphins 2 Unit has zoned play areas which include a maths and sorting, role play, mark making, small world play, ICT and much more. We also have weekly French lessons where the children learn the language at a basic level, including colours, numbers and greetings.

In this unit we further develop their independence and decision making by offering a café style snack, dinner and tea where the children serve themselves.

All of the above guarantees them the best start into school life!


Babies must have access to a happy and caring environment in which to develop.
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